Is the Hi Duty Free platform service unique?

Yes and No,

At first sight, NO, it isn’t, because several collaborative platforms already exist and connect flyers and shoppers who want to realize savings.

The main platforms are:








But if you look closely, YES it is, indeed only Hi Duty Free offers access to products of airport’s duty-free zones. It guarantees that carried products are legally bought and are not forbidden by the international trade laws and the customs process.

Yet, some airports enable customers to order on the Internet, products from their duty-free zone but you still have to find a flyer who accepts to carry your order.




How do we secure the payment to the flyer?

A trustee bank account guarantees to the buyer his product will be delivered and to the flyer he will be paid.

You can find here complete General terms and conditions of use.

The purchase can only be realized when the potential purchaser has deposited the right amount on the flyer’s trustee account, which are made available by Hi Duty Free. As soon as the deliver has been correctly concluded, the flyer is always sure to be paid and gratified.


What happens if problems occur at the departure and you cannot accede to the duty free zone?

Every hazard occurring in the departure airport, which prevents the flyer from using normally the platform, cancels the transaction without prejudice for the two users.

The flyer sends an e-mail to Hi Duty Free at Then, we will inform the purchaser about the cancelation of the agreement.


As a Hi Duty Free flyer and/or a buyer , what are my relations with airports, at the departure or the arrival ?

The registration on the Hi Duty Free plateform is completely independant of airports.

No contractual or extra contractual relation is set up between the traveller using Hi Duty Free and airports. Airports do not take any responsibility for the purchase, the transportation and the delivering of articles bought at the airport through Hi Duty Free platform.

The departure or arrival airports do not take any responsibility towards the flyer who uses the plateform, regarding applicable regulations for transaction, especially in terms of financial risk, customs and risk transfer.


How can I know if the product I carry break the laws of the country of arrival?

You carry products only available in duty free zones. All these products are allowed by the arrangement for tax-free shops. Consequently, there is no risk, in principle, to infringe laws of your country of arrival if you strictly respect instructions enclosed here. The checking of specific interdictions, regulations and laws for the product the users of Hi Duty Free carry is up to them.

The users can consult customs procedures of every country on this website:


Moreover, the products with limited allowances such as tobacco, alcohol or fragrances and those with particular transportation regulations (liquids, gels, etc.) and/or with specific health regulations do not enter in the scope of Hi Duty Free platform use.


When a flyer registered on the Hi Duty Free platform, does he have to declare his purchases to customs at the arrival airport?

Purchases realized do not have to be declared when:

-       You come back in the country where you live

-       You are travelling in a country in which you are non-resident


In both cases, you are under the customs procedure for personal goods when you go through the customs, then you are free to cede your product to someone in the country but it’s forbidden to realise a commercial gain. It means it is strictly forbidden to use our website in order to have transportation or commercial professional activities.

For more information, the international regulation on personal goods is available here:



We would like to draw your attention on regulations regarding the authorized amount of duty-free importations, which can be consulted on countries’ customs websites:


What happens in case of control at the arrival?

We cannot guarantee you won’t be controlled by customs services. Indeed, they can control every flyer at every moment, whether or not he purchases something at the departure.


Products bought through our website are under the customs procedure for personal goods as long as they have not been delivered to the final buyer. The flyer is the only one who owns the receipt of the product. Thus, the product is a personal good and the flyer is its owner.


The legislation on personal goods is available here


Regulations regarding the authorized amount of duty-free importations can be consulted on countries’ customs websites:


The flyer can decide whenever to keep his purchase. In this case, the transaction would be cancelled and, if the payment has already been made, the buyer is reimbursed.


What happens in case of reinforced control? 

Hi Duty Free does not take responsibility for flyers’ behavior with customs or for all the products carried by the flyer. However, if a control was performed on a flyer who registered on Hi Duty Free and it concerns products available on our website, we commit to examine with the flyer all the possible friendly solutions for the prejudices he would have had to suffer, on the basis of its good faith, potential receipts from the customs confirming the control and the total respect of local customs prerogatives and procedures.


Generally, in case of any problem with customs services of the country of arrival, we advice the flyer to keep the product as his personal good and then, to contact us so that we could consider corrective actions we can conduct.